Groundswell Agronomy and Consultancy Service


The Groundswell Show and Conference was born out of a strong desire by the Cherry family to spread awareness of Conservation and Regenerative Agriculture techniques. This involved creating a forum for learning and net-working, not only for farmers but for all those who are involved in the food supply chain. 

It became obvious, as there are a growing number of converts to farming in this way, that the natural next step was to provide a Groundswell agronomy and consultancy service. A service available to anyone interested in investigating or implementing anything from a complete system rethink to just one specific technique of Conservation Agriculture. Providing as much or as little ongoing support as is required.

A common request among farmers and attendees of Groundswell is for help in implementing the knowledge learnt at the Groundswell Conference on their farms. Farmers often talk of feeling isolated when surrounded by peers who may or may not be supportive of a change to the radically different system from the one they are used to. Groundswell Agronomy advisers will provide the advice needed to ensure your rural business is financially resilient and agronomically sustainable whatever your farming system; arable, mixed farming, horticulture or mainly livestock. They can help you with it all. 



 The core underlying value of the Groundswell Agronomy Service is; “independent advice and knowledge transfer through industry wide collaboration”.

Please leave your details if you would like a Groundswell Agronomist to get back to you. Please provide as much information as possible in your enquiry.

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