Groundswell Agronomy and Consultancy Service



The Groundswell Show and Conference was borne out of a strong desire by the Cherry family to improve awareness through knowledge transfer of Conservation and Regenerative Agriculture techniques. Not only to farmers but throughout the whole food supply chain. 

Owing to the continual success of the Conference the need for a Groundswell agronomy and consultancy service was a natural next step. A service available to anyone interested in investigating or implementing anything from a complete system rethink to just one specific technique of Conservation Agriculture. Providing as much or as little ongoing support as required.


A common comment among farmers and attendees of Groundswell is the need to reinforce the knowledge learnt at the Groundswell Conference in a practical way on their farms. Farmers often talk of feeling isolated when surrounded by peers who may or may not be supportive of a radically different system to the one, they may be currently used too. Groundswell Agronomy advisers provide the advice needed to ensure your rural business is financially resilient and agronomically sustainable whatever your farming system; arable, mixed farming, horticulture or predominately livestock of all classes they can help.


The core underlying value of the Groundswell Agronomy Service is; “independent advice and knowledge transfer through industry wide collaboration”.


The Groundswell Agronomy and Consultancy is made up of a national group of independent experts offering a wide range of services which can be tailored to each unique situation. 

1. Independent consultancy advice charged by the hour or day.

2. A traditional agronomy service charged by the acre with or without financial benchmarking. The completely confidential benchmarking is provided by Land Family Business and charged on an area basis. The unique aspect of this service is that it includes membership to a facilitated regional Groundswell discussion group which farmers are encouraged to join.

3. Trials and telephone agronomy service specific to Conservation Agriculture. 

4. Practical “how to consultancy” from experienced farmers practicing Conservation and regenerative Agriculture. 

5. Groundswell Farm hosted individual technical events.

6. Livestock consultancy – specific to Conservation and Regenerative Agriculture.

7. Environmental Scheme planning and Single Farm Payment applications.

8. Facilitation of Groundswell regional farmer groups and meetings focusing on individual regional circumstances.


Verification Process

Each Advisor listed as a Groundswell Agronomist or Consultant has been vetted by a committee made up of the Cherry Family plus two other industry experts in Conservation or Regenerative Agriculture, fully referenced by either two farmers, advisors or a combination of the two. Each adviser has a recognised qualification specific to the type of advice they are offering.

Collaboration, with all industry partners is not only vital but actively encouraged and promoted to drive innovation.

A cornerstone to the quality and integrity of each Groundswell Adviser is assured by a rigorous selection process. 

All advisers have been personally vetted by a committee made up of the Cherry Family plus two other industry experts in Conservation Agriculture, with two references from either at least two farmers, industry advisors or a combination of the two. They hold a recognised qualification suitable to the type of advice being offering.

You can meet approved advisers either at the annual Groundswell Conference on the Groundswell Agronomy stand.

Or at one of the many annual regional one or half day technical events planned and tailored to the specific region your business resides in.

Each Adviser has verified appropriate indemnity insurance.

Each Adviser is required to maintain a record of attendance to all relevant technical meetings and conferences in order to demonstrate continual personal development relevant to the industry they advise on.


For more information contact:

Richard Harding, Agronomist, 07584 020395

John Cherry, Groundswell Director, 07973 687 313


Give us a call or pop by the office:
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