Pasture-Fed Livestock Association

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association promotes the unique quality of food from animals raised exclusively on grass. It also promotes the environmental, animal welfare and human health benefits that pastured livestock systems represent through its Pasture for Life certification mark.

It supports a growing network of beef cattle, dairy and sheep farmers – many who are not yet feeding just pasture and conserved forage to their animals, but wish to make grass more central to their farming business.

The Association offers many opportunities for farmer-to-farmer learning on all aspects of grassland farming, from breeding and feeding animals to how to sell meat and dairy to consumers.

The Pasture-Fed Livvestock Association also lobbies government to ensure the value and importance of pastoral farming in the UK is firmly rooted in future agricultural policy and recognised through clear and transparent labelling. There are signs that this type of farming will be supported in a post-Brexit world.

Membership to the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association is £100 per year. It is not a requirement for members to be operating a purely grass-fed system. All grassland farmers are welcome.


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