An Innovative Butchery System That Optimises Whole Carcass Utilisation Delivering Higher Financial Returns, A Positive Impact On Society & The Environment

Yeo Valley Old Dairy Tent

Rich Summers talks about and shares his experiences of extracting more value from livestock production by shortening the supply chain. The typical farmer is lucky to get a modest wholesale price from whole carcass sales. However, by taking on some of the product development and intelligently processing the meat, there are significant margins to be enjoyed from the source.
Selling directly to the public can maximise your financial returns and although this is not a new idea, we would like to inspire you with our approach to direct sales which has the potential to greatly increase financial returns whilst ensuring every last piece of the carcass is utilised. That is a big tick for your pocket and one for sustainability too! Part of the secret is the transformation of lesser fashionable cuts into a range of more popular meat products increasing both the availability and affordability of pasture fed meat.