Drought Tolerant Swards, Herbal Leys & Approaches to Grazing

Agricology Discussion Tent

Farmers across the UK are rising to the challenges of increased fertiliser costs and extreme weather by diversifying their pastures. Not only are they finding they can improve farm profitability by safeguarding forage supply but they are also providing public goods by building soil health, increasing biodiversity and storing carbon.

This session will hear from farmers in the Innovative Farmers and FABulous Farmers networks, some have run practical on-farm trials to explore the questions they have on drought-resilient options – from managing lucerne and multi-species leys for productivity and livestock health, to challenging advice on how grazing sheep on red clover swards affects ewe fertility.

Practical considerations, such as establishment technique and fitting these swards into wider rotations will be discussed in this session. Join us for an opportunity to hear the latest results from cutting edge farmer-led research and the practical experiences of farmers implementing these drought resistant swards. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and find out practical tips.