Environmental Land Management Scheme – The Catalyst?

Fungi Tent

The United Kingdom is at a tipping point, almost a perfect storm has come together in the climate emergency, biodiversity crisis, Brexit and Covid 19. This is being compounded by poor harvests, change in farm support, disrupted trade and worsening economic crisis and social inequality. We have come to a point where we have a choice of two paths, one where we continue to have disjointed and wasteful future with a shoot from the hip or sticky plaster response, or one where government policy can be embedded at the heart of the solutions, a catalyst for integrated delivery, economic recovery, food justice and social and environmental regeneration. In this update, the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group South-West would like to share our ongoing vision as to how E.L.M can catalyse this change, and how the Sustainable Farm Incentive, if done well, could underpin Nature Recovery and Landscape Restoration themes of E.L.M. Well designed, E.L.M could position all farmers to be at the heart of natural capital recovery, catalysing co-investment and coordinated integrated delivery, where everyone can be valued for the part they play. It is essential for society that this opportunity is not missed, and the investment from multiple sources in land management can demonstrate a pathway to environmental recovery, societal fairness with nutrient dense food and clean water underpinning health for everyone. This session will explore how this unique opportunity can be realised.