Food, Farming & Funding – Why Aren’t we Speaking More About the Role of Regenerative Finance?

Soil Tent

Join us in a dynamic session speaking to both funders and founders about their experiences with financing in the realm of food and farming. The conversation will address some of the functions of the financial system that aren’t supportive of this sector as well as some of the innovative ways that these shortcomings are being dealt with. First we will hear a high level overview from the funders perspective and then we will delve into two specific case studies where alternative financing models have supported the businesses to grow. We believe there is a gap when it comes to conversations addressing finance’s role in supporting the regenerative transition as well as the need for finance to transition to more regenerative principles itself. There are a handful of people having these difficult conversations, but we want to bring them to the mainstream. Whether you are a founder, a funder, or a farmer, this conversation is for you.