Grass: Can It Be Sustainable AND Make Money?

Barenbrug Grass Tent

More than 9,000ha of the UK’s farmland is used to produce grass seed – which, once sown on British farms, increasingly plays a vital role in delivering sustainable farming, from grazing to crop production to environmental protection.
Seed-growing may be a niche practice, but those who do so enjoy a host of benefits: a valuable extra crop in the rotation, another source of income from grazing and conservation, and increased biodiversity and other environmental benefits.
We’ve assembled a specialist panel – grassland experts, consultants, and third-generation grower David Barker – to explain why there’s a place for grass on your farm.
Panellists will discuss the idea that if we, as citizens, want to be healthy and sustainable, we should eat the foods that our landscapes can produce when farmed in harmony with nature. We invite active audience participation so we can start to build consensus around what steps need to be taken, to enable the transition to sustainable and regenerative farming across the UK.