Grassland: Back to Basics

Barenbrug Grass Tent

Whether you’re an old hand at grassland matters, or thinking about introducing it to your rotation, this session promises something for everyone.
How do you prepare a field for grass? When should you drill? What’s the best way to manage a new ley? How do you maintain an established pasture? What’s the secret of good grassland management – cutting, grazing, rotation? How do you manage your grassland to best effect, agronomically, financially and environmentally?
Our panel of farmers and expert grass consultants share their thoughts and invite questions about all grassland essentials.
Seed-growing may be a niche practice, but those who do so enjoy a host of benefits: a valuable extra crop in the rotation, another source of income from grazing and conservation, and increased biodiversity and other environmental benefits.
We’ve assembled a specialist panel – grassland experts, consultants, and third-generation grower David Barker – to explain why there’s a place for grass on your farm.