How to check soil health and knowing where to stop

Soil Tent

There is no agreed definition of soil health, but there are many useful indicators of how healthy a soil is. This jointly-presented seminar will go over some of the indicators by Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF), including not only laboratory tests and identification of deficiencies, but also potential toxicities and essential field assessments. The importance of worms will be emphasized and Jackie Stroud, the country’s leading authority on worm assessment in the field, will explain how farmers can do this. Along with this, the Innovation for Agriculture / CSF kitchen science test for soil structural stability will be presented.

There is no definitive list of assessments for soil health, so this seminar will discuss some of the other tests that could be used and how people should decide what to include and where to stop.

Session hosted by Catchment Sensitive Farming who are exhibiting in the Pasture Field A9B.