Measuring and optimising soil management using the soil health scorecard and molecular approaches

Soil Tent

AHDB’ Soil Biology and Soil Health Partnership is a five year, cross-sector programme of research and knowledge exchange to help farmers and growers improve productivity through better understanding of soils.

Two key parts of this programme will be highlighted during this talk – the first is the development of a soil health scorecard for farmers and growers to be able to measure and interpret their soils. The second, an evaluation of DNA-based analysis to look at the potential for their use for soil analysis in the future – fascinating new technology!

Anne Bhogal will look at the development of the soil health scorecard, the key parameters that are being discussed and analysed, the use of grower groups and long-term experimental site data to develop and ground-truth the benchmarks and to showcase the development of the scorecard for farmer and grower use.

John Elphinsone will share the development work of the use of molecular approaches for routine soil-borne disease and soil health assessment. Could this DNA analysis be the future of soil sampling and assessment for the industry?