Saving The River Wye From Death By Chicken Manure

Kellogg's Origins Soil Tent

Stephen Ware, BBC Food & Farming Awards 2021 Farming for the Future finalist and Nuffield Scholar (farming) 2011 will be in conversation with Jeff Allen, founder of Microbz. Stephen, a mixed poultry and fruit farmer in Herefordshire, is passionately determined to find a solution to the minimum 150,000 tonnes of chicken litter that is being spread on land that drains into the River Wye every year and is killing the river. Jeff and Stephen will share learnings and results from a 2022 trial in which chicken litter was baled up with liquid effective micro-organisms (Microbz), sealed in plastic and left for 12 weeks, with the aim of turning the putrid chicken litter into a fermented beneficial soil conditioner. Soil conditioners can be applied to all land at any time of the year.