Saying NO to a Farm-Free Future launches at Groundswell! Chris Smaje In Conversation with Sarah Langford

Speaker's Corner

In the face of ongoing food, energy and environmental crises, Chris Smaje, farmer and social scientist, has become one of the most prescient voices on the future of farming. In his new book he tackles the false promises and unconsidered consequences of food techno-solutions advocated by ecomodernists like George Monbiot, arguing why farming is essential to our food future. Join Chris Smaje and bestselling author Sarah Langford (Rooted) in conversation about Saying NO to a Farm-Free Future, followed by a Q&A.

This event includes a complimentary drink and is followed by a book signing with Chris and Sarah.

‘Everyone in the food business needs to read this book…Never have I enjoyed reading a blow-by-blow narrative as much as this lively and superbly written polemic.’
Joel Salatin, co-founder of Polyface Farm

Book Signing