Soil Compaction Trial Results and Analysis

Pasture Field

David Purdy presents the findings from the Michelin-Groundswell Compaction Trial, looking at the impact of compaction, tyres, axle weights and pressures etc. with a reference to soil health.

The machinery/soil interface is critically important and if managed poorly can have huge and long-term damaging effects on our soils and plant health. Developing the organic content of our soils is the most important thing we can do to become more resilient to the damage done by ever-increasing size and weight of machinery; however, management of machinery remains very critical. Compaction can be very detrimental to our soil functions and so needs to be carefully managed. The soil compaction presentation and demonstration area at Groundswell, sponsored by Michelin, will show how these decisions can impact soil health and the physical aspects of soils including infiltration rates, soil resistance through the profile, pressure impacts at depth, rut depths, structure and tyre contact areas.