The Diet of the Future: What Will we be Eating in 2050?

Big Top

Don’t come hungry to this session. Sheila Dillon, BBC Radio 4 Food Programme, will lead a healthy debate on what we’ll be eating 27 years from now. If we are to successfully transition to fair and equitable food production which benefits people and planet, what will end up on our plates? What role will farming and tech such as precision fermentation play in feeding us? And who is set to benefit most?
We hear from Chris Smaje (Saying No To a Free Farm Future: The Case for an Ecological Food System and Against Manufactured Foods), Sue Pritchard (Chief Executive of Food, Farming & Countryside Commission), Mallika Basu, food writer & cultural commentator; and Dr Catherine Tubb, director of research at Synthesis Capital, world’s largest VC foodtech fund.