The Great Re-Think

NIAB Seminar Tent

The world is in a horrible mess — and it doesn’t need to be. If we,  humanity, played our cards right, then we and our fellow creatures could still be looking forward to a long and glorious future – a million years for starters with much more to follow.  To achieve this, however, we have to re-think everything we now take for granted and re-structure accordingly. It all amounts to nothing less than a global Renaissance.

But the oligarchs who now dominate the world – big governments, the transnational corporates, the big banks, and their chosen intellectual and expert advisers – are not going to do what’s needed. So we – people at large – have to bring about the Renaissance for ourselves. So what needs doing and how do we go about it?

Colin Tudge’s talk is based on his new book, The Great Re-Think