The Land Gardeners Dig Deep Into Microbial Solutions For Our Soils

Land Gardeners

Bridget Elworthy and Henrietta Courtauld of The Land Gardeners will discuss Climate Compost and how they can turn raw organic matter into microbially rich compost – a solution for using on-farm waste to heal soils as part of a regenerative farming solution.

Richard Baker of Microbz will discuss the world of microbes, their role managing waste on farms, the potential for worms and Johnson-Su. Richard will show slides of microbes, their potential on farms and bring a johnson-su to demonstrate alongside our compost windrow.

Joshua Sparkes will share his work on fermentation and bokashi techniques on a market garden and farm in Devon. Instagram Joshua_sparkes

Will and Harry Rolfe of Two Fields Zakros will talk through how they are gathering, breeding and using microbes to help regenerate an olive farm in Greece.