The Symbiotic Benefits From The Co-operation Between Research & Practice

Kellogg's Origins Soil Tent

Interested in On-Farm research and cooperating with science? Learn, how GRAND FARM was developed into a research and demonstration farm and the regenerative methods which are applied on the organic arable field farm based near Vienna in Austria. From the first trials in vermicomposting 25 years ago to being invited to join the Wageningen University Global Lighthouse Farming Network. Soil Health, Agroforestry and Market Gardening are the main research topics at GRAND FARM using organic, reduced tillage and no-till, crop rotation, perennial crops, cover crops, flower strips, agroforestry, zero pesticide, compost, vermicompost, compost tea, seed inoculation, transfer mulch. The farm is widely shared with the national and international scientific community to regenerate soil, environment and farming methods as well.