Tuckwells & Small Robot Co: Working To Deliver Applications By Exception

Tuckwell's Stand in Demo Field

Traditionally crop inputs are applied in a broadacre approach to the entire field, regardless of the extent of the problem at hand. Utilising the power of Per Plant Farming, Small Robot Company are demonstrating the ability to integrate with existing farm sprayer equipment, precisely applying inputs only where required. First, SRC’s Tom robot scans the field, building an understanding of where every plant is and what each one needs to achieve optimal performance. Wilma, SRC’s AI Advice Engine then creates a treatment map.
This information is used to inform variable rate fertiliser applications and to spot-apply herbicides through nozzle control and sectional control sprays. Fertiliser costs are reduced by around 15% and herbicide use by around 77% . This capability has been developed and will be demonstrated in partnership with Tuckwells.