What Can Policy Makers Do To Support Regenerative Farming?

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The principles of regenerative agriculture sit at the heart of the government’s new Sustainable Farming Incentive. This will support farmers to improve soil health through actions such as cover cropping. The ambition is to help farmers reduce their use of expensive artificial fertilisers and reward the delivery of public goods such as carbon sequestration and cleaner water.
The government is also supporting knowledge exchange and skills development, and providing capital for new equipment to help more farmers adopt regenerative practices. In addition, the government could aid the establishment of markets for soil carbon, biodiversity and nutrient credits which farmers can sell alongside their traditional food production businesses – making regenerative farming commercially as well as environmentally attractive.
Our panel of parliamentarians and experts, which includes the Secretary of State George Eustice, will answer your questions on how the new payment schemes will support farmers wanting to transition to regenerative farming and respond to your ideas for further policy support.