What Soil Can Tell You? – Savory Hub Breakout

Seminar Barn

When you start making changes in favour of healthy soil, how do you know if things are moving in the right direction? Do you have to wait a whole season before you find out if you made the right decisions?

When we make changes in our management, the earliest signs of change occur at the soil surface. Monitoring for signs of change at the soil surface gives the best chance of spotting positive or negative variances early, before it’s too late.

Sharpen your capacity to manage for soil regeneration by attending this one-hour session that will enable you to read the language of the land.

We will look at the soil through four different lenses: the water cycle, the mineral cycle, the flow of solar energy, and community dynamics (the dynamics of how things change in plant and animal communities.)

Take away a survey you can use to assess the health of your land.