What Your Food Ate: How to Heal the Land & Reclaim Our Health

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Is it true that you are what you eat?

Only in part. The full story lies in how we grow the crops and raise animals that make their way into our bodies. Biklé’s most recent book What Your Food Ate, co-authored with David Montgomery, marshals evidence from recent and forgotten science to illustrate how the health of the soil ripples through to that of crops, livestock, and ultimately us. Long-running partnerships through which crops and soil life nourish one another set the bar for whether or not a vast array of nutrients and beneficial compounds make it into the crops and animals comprising the human diet, and thus our bodies. Neglecting this reality has imperiled the land and our own health. But we can change these outcomes. Biklé shares a vision of agriculture that can deliver harvests of ample quantity and quality.

It’s time to feed the world—with nourishment and practices on which the land and our bodies can thrive.