Jussi Knaapi

Jussi Knaapi


I am a farmer on the coastal region in the middle of Finland. I got “a very ordinary” agronomic education from University of Helsinki (MSc Ag-mechanics). We are mainly No-tillers at home farm, but are also using spader (Imants technic)  if potatoes are in rotation. We are testing many sustainable ag practises at home and nearby. As agronomists we have started (together with son Juha) soil mapping service with Veristech/Wintex combination. Already now our measurements have pointed out how No-till and grass based production have increased the organic content in the soil.
As longtime journalist for ag-magazine “Koneviesti” I try to follow what’s going on in modern agriculture. Together with the magazine and a local ag-school we have a longtime (16th year)  trial site in south-west Finland. There we compare No-till, Min-till and conventional practices and have found many positive results in No-till. Together with domestic and international specialists we have started to implement novel microbiological, nutritional (XRF-technic) and fytochemical measurements and just this year also GHC-measurements with FTIR-techic and try to use these as quidelines for better agronomy. As a whole we have noticed the big need for sustainable and regenerative practises in agriculture.

Will Scale In Conversation With Jussi Knaapi

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Jussi Knaapi chats to Will Scale about Zero Till & Regenerative Agriculture from a Finnish perspective. His advising unit has two goals – to provide the best agronomic know-how relating to soil health & productivity and to provide reliable carbon measurement from the whole rooting depth. By combining both targets the cost can be kept reasonably […]