Collaborative insight helps farmers adopt sustainable and practical solutions to aid soil health

With natural capital assets and environmental policy top of the agenda, the focus on improving soils, reducing input costs, transitioning to the Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme and adopting integrated, holistic strategies to support sustainable crop production has intensified beyond recognition.

Returning as Groundswell Cover Crop Partner

The importance of regenerative, resilient farming systems is garnering more interest than ever and Groundswell has without doubt cemented itself as a key event in the agricultural calendar. Kings is very proud to once again be the official Cover Crop Partner.

Long term, viable land management practices are key to the success and longevity of farm businesses and our advisors are at the centre of these conversations on farm. By bringing the core principles of integrated agri-environment projects together with the expertise of our colleagues at SOYL Precision and Frontier Agriculture’s sustainable crop production team, we help farmers to implement features that bring both agronomic and environmental benefits at a whole-farm scale. Together we’ve created a sustainability model to support farmers and it covers seven focus areas: crop growth cycles, soil function, carbon management, regenerative agriculture, environmental management, digital solutions and compliance.

Importantly, developing a sustainable farming system doesn’t have to be done in isolation either. Government funding and wider support from the supply chain (water companies being a great example) now make it more practical for farmers to implement beneficial changes. With the Sustainable Farming Incentive recently confirmed and ELMs now approaching, opportunities are vast and our advisors can support with all aspects.

At Groundswell, visitors can tour our diverse range of demonstration plots comprising companion crops, stewardship options, living mulches and catch and cover crops. Our advisors will talk through the specialist mixtures as well as explore different root systems and their benefits by digging up a variety of plant species.

This year, we’re also combining our knowledge with that of SOYL and Frontier’s sustainable crop production team. Alongside the live demonstration plots, visitors will be able to look at real soil samples and health reports conducted on Lannock Manor Farm via Frontier’s Soil Life service.

Shining the spotlight on soil health

Starting from the bottom up is crucial; soil quality is fundamental to the success of our farming systems and vital for withstanding challenging weather events.
More farmers are keen to know what’s really going on in their soils and it’s with this knowledge that more informed decisions can be made. Through Frontier’s Soil Life service, we’re able to provide detailed analyses, trials insight and practical cover crop solutions which also meet farm policy, stewardship and environmental scheme requirements.

Plan, map and record your activity

With greater demand for sustainable practices, many farmers are facing the prospect of taking on different or entirely new environmental projects. This can feel daunting – it’s one thing to carry out the work but quite another to effectively plan, monitor and record everything for compliance.
Featuring the precision mapping expertise of SOYL and available in Frontier’s MyFarm platform, our online environment manager tool seamlessly integrates mainstream crop production and environmental data. Interactive map layers remove the need for extensive paperwork and intuitive planning features make it easy to take a holistic approach to sustainable farm management, with users able to plot stewardship agreements, monitor soil health and water quality, manage conservation areas, record natural capital, import photos and export plans.

Visit our team at Groundswell on 23rd and 24th June in the Demo Field.

With expert advisors across the UK underpinned by an extensive product range and ongoing support, we can help you take a whole-farm approach to environmental management and specialist crops. For further information please visit, follow @kingscrops on Twitter and Facebook or call 0800 587 9797.


Kings Demonstration Plots

  1. Living mulch
  2. Berseem and fenugreek companion crop
  3. Legume fallow
  4. Balansa clover
  5. Lifago buckwheat
  6. Standard buckwheat
  7. Summer Biofum
  8. Summer Legume
  9. Black oat/vetch
  10. Summer Catch Crop
  11. Contra oil radish
  12. Bento oil radish
  13. Defender oil radish
  14. Terrafit brown mustard
  15. Syngenta Green Headland Mix
  16. Soil Vitality Mix
  17. Soil Structure Mix
  18. Power Mix 3
  19. Super 10 Mix
  20. Black oat/phacelia


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