Cool Farm Alliance

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The Cool Farm Alliance is a science-led, not-for-profit membership organisation (community interest company) that owns, manages, and improves the Cool Farm Tool (CFT) and cultivates the leadership network to advance regenerative agriculture at scale. The Cool Farm Alliance growing membership includes many of the world’s leading food and beverage companies, NGOs, academic institutions, farmer groups and agronomists. The Cool Farm Tool engages and educates users through quantification and modelling “what-if” scenarios covering on-farm greenhouse gas emissions, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, water and food loss and waste. Cool Farm Alliance members share the need for a respected, consistent, standardised, independent calculation engine and have joined the Alliance to ensure the Cool Farm Tool meets this need, now and in the future.

The Cool Farm Tool is simple to use yet scientifically robust in the complex arena of carbon accounting, characterised by:

  • It is farmer focus, reflecting common farm management practices and requiring only input data a farm manager would typically have easily to hand.
  • The use of robust, deterministic site sensitive, peer reviewed models and methods to calculate greenhouse gas emissions, carbon sequestration and other environmental impacts of agricultural activities.
  • Uncovering in a practical and pragmatic way, practices and actions which are associated with positive (and negative) environmental performance.

The well-established and highly respected Cool Farm Tool is used by tens of thousands of users in 150 countries supplying global markets.