Innovative Farmers was launched in 2015, it was on the back of one idea – that many of the best ideas in farming come from farmers. The concept of farmer-led research is really gaining traction. In 2018, there are more field labs than ever. They’re being driven by farmers and growers who want to make their businesses more resilient and sustainable, and they’re being supported by organisations that see value in this approach to research.

Come and join the discussion with Edwin Taylor (Durhamfield Farm) and James Alexander (Primewest Ltd). Edwin is part of a group of BASE UK farmers investigating the causes of in-field variation and the effects of gypsum on soil, earthworms and leatherjackets. You can also find out more from James and how he and a group of farmers are comparing a range of cover crop destruction techniques including grazing with sheep, flail mowing, rolling and OPICO Heva crimper roller, against a control – glyphosate or bare stubble and current cultivation techniques. We look forward to seeing you there! For more information visit


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