Small Robot Company

We’re an agri-tech start up commercialising a simple idea: small robots not big tractors. We believe that farmers are slowly being put out of business by their own tractors; our finances are getting worse and our soils are getting worse because of these big machines.

But there is a better way. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will change the way we think about and manage our farms forever.

So we are building small, lightweight, precise robots that will seed and care for each plant in your crop. Our Tom, Dick and Harry ‘no till’ precision farmbots will autonomously care for every single plant individually, giving it exactly the amount of nutrients it needs, with no waste. Robust per-plant data creates a ‘profit map’ shows which areas of field to use, which to leave fallow, and what to plant where and when. Increased accuracy makes it possible for smaller farms to be profitable, and for 10x better decision making.

Simply put, it will enable you to employ permaculture techniques at scale.

And with robotics eliminating the blanket application of chemicals, these could be slashed by as much as 95%. It can also help you measure the impact of environmental factors such as soil quality and soil run off in order to claim the new ‘Green Brexit’ subsidies.

We also anticipate that over time we will see robotics used to help establish consumer trust over issues such as provenance, traceability, quality, sustainability and environmental impact. As well as improving the nutrient density of your crop.

Small Robot Company is run by farmers and designs farming systems that work for farmers. We will offer our robots through a Farming as a Service (FaaS) model. So you can take advantage of robotic farming without any of the risks.