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Soil health is fundamental to the work of The Land Gardeners, Bridget Elworthy and Henrietta Courtauld, who have spent years researching and making aerobic microbial compost as part of their horticultural business. The Land Gardeners are now partnering with Cranfield University, Rothamsted Research and Farm Carbon Toolkit to trial the application of Climate Compost with Regen Ag principles. The field-scale trials kickstart at The Land Gardeners compost site at Althorp, Northamptonshire. Climate Compost is developed to regenerate soil microbial diversity.¬†Using simple machinery and careful measuring we make aerobic compost in 6-8 weeks which is teeming with micro life. The increased resiliency of yields, reduced need for pesticides and fungicides, improvement in nutrient density of foods, improved soil structure and water holding capacity, are all potential benefits of using this composting method. The Land Gardeners Climate Compost provides a real solution for farmers, “our aim is to empower and educate farmers to make it themselves so they can sequester carbon, grow nutrient dense food, and importantly reduce their chemical inputs in favour of a compost which can be made with ingredients on their farms.”


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