Key Information



Lannock Manor Farm is located on the edge of the village of Weston, just off junction 9 of the A1(M), approximately 27 miles north of London. The site postcode is SG4 7EE.

What3words Exact Location to Exhibitor Entrance is:

Pre-Event Contact:

Alex Cherry – Event Director:

Exhibitor Ticket Issues –  or Red Box Tickets – Phone 0333 242 7912

Press –

Onsite Contacts:

Customer Services on Show Days – Call 01462 790 219

Event Gates open: 

Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th June 2024: Vehicle access to stands from 6am to 7am on Wednesday and then no vehicle movement on site after 7am when the show opens to general attendees. 

Set up:

Up to Monday 24th June (or earlier) – By appointment only

Tuesday 25th June – Main Set Up Day – Gates will be open 7.30am to 9pm

Machinery/Equipment can be left onsite at an earlier date by arrangement with Groundswell Management. 24 hour security patrols the site from Friday 21st but items are left at your own risk.

Vehicle movement allowed on site from 5.30pm on Thursday. 



Exhibitor’s Information


Exhibitor Vehicles and Vehicle Movement                  

Exhibitors have access to their stands by vehicle up outside of show opening hours. Strictly no on-site vehicle movement between 7am and 5.00pm on show days. Cars can be parked in the general car park or the Exhibitor Car Park North or South.



Breakdown can commence from 5pm on the final day of the show. No vehicles to be driven onsite until 5.30pm.


Trading Hours                         

The Show opens at 7am (with a range of breakfast options on site). All exhibitors should be open by 9am and can close after 5pm. Food traders are subject to specific trading hours.

Timings may be subject to change.


Movement of Stock

Once the event is open, all stock movement for Exhibitor stand must be manual. No vehicles may be moved within the Event site until breakdown, without the permission of the management team. Food Stands in the Earthworm Arms area are permitted to deliver stock to their back of house via vehicle. 



Groundswell can accept deliveries in the build up to the show, up until 10th June at the office address: Darnells Hall Farm, Weston, Hitchin, Herts, SG4 7AL. Please make sure deliveries are labelled F.O.A your company.


Tickets and Lanyards

Exhibitors have a set number of tickets included in their package which can be used for staff or for guests to attend. There is no differentiation between a staff and a guest ticket. Groundswell will provide ticket code/s that can be used to redeem tickets through the Groundswell booking page. Tickets must be registered online IN ADVANCE otherwise they will not be valid and staff/guests will have to purchase a new ticket at the full rate. Each ticketholder must collect their lanyard at the entrance and wear it at all times whilst at the show.



Detailed information about trading at Groundswell Show

The event site at Lannock Manor Farm is a green field site with reasonable access to services.


Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited from the show site:

      Weapons of any kind (or anything that can be construed as a weapon)

      Glass containers of any kind

      Styrofoam containers

      Wax flares and candles

      Kites and balloons




You are required to have the relevant following certificates and information available for inspection at all times, they must be current (in date), copies of these certificates must also be supplied to the organisers by the latest 15th June for forwarding the local Licensing Authority:

      Electrical Safety Inspection Certificate

      Public/Employers/Product Liability Insurance

      Fire Risk assessment

      Risk assessment


Waste management

A sustainability fee will be levied for any waste not properly sorted and any rubbish left behind on the site by your staff. This is charged at £200 + VAT.



You are required to hold the relevant Employer’s Product and Public Liability Insurance with a minimum of £2.5m worth of cover: evidence that you have the required insurance may be asked for so the required certificates should be displayed on each stall or unit.


Water Supply

The supply of water at the event site may be intermittent, so allow for self-provision.



Remember, you won’t be connected to any drains.



Tents and marquees must be weatherproof, waterproof and in good repair and flame retardant to BS5438 standard and marked accordingly. Any sub contracted suppliers need to check in with Groundswell Production. 



Outdoor Stands will be permanent pasture and is liable to dampness, you may which to provide your own carpet/flooring. Indoor stands (with Marquee structure) are on grass or topped herbal ley.


Noise Disturbance

Please be respectful of noise disturbance when operating machinery and avoid disrupting sessions whilst they are going on.  



General Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy

If you employ more than 5 people, you are required by law to produce a written health and safety policy which your staff must read, understand and follow. The written policy must:

      State your general policy on health and safety.

      State who is responsible for carrying out the policy.

      Be revised whenever appropriate.

      Further information and advice on compiling a safety policy can be obtained from your local Environmental Health Department.


Risk Assessment

If you employ more than 5 people you are required to assess the risks to your workers and any other who may be affected by their work activities and record any significant findings of that assessment.

An assessment of risk is nothing more than a careful examination of what in your work could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm. The aim is to make sure no one gets hurt or becomes ill.


Reporting Accidents

Any accident to your staff involving a fracture, amputation, loss of consciousness or admission to hospital must be reported at once to the Show Management. Any accident to the member of public, must also be reported at once to Show Management. All accidents must be reported in the Accident Book that your business must hold as well as the organisers or Event Accident Book.


First Aid

You must have a proper First Aid Kit on each stall and all staff must know where to find it. The kit must contain plenty of waterproof blue dressings, bandages and protective fingerstalls. Under the Health and Safety First Aid Regulations 1981, you should keep a first aid box which stocks provisions by which first aid can be administered.

A full record of any treatment will be kept for which the following information will be recorded:

      The name of the injured person.

      The nature and place of the injury, the time it occurred.

      An indication of the cause of the injury.

      Treatment given and who by.

      Action taken after treatment.


Staff Welfare

You must consider that staff will need to take rest breaks. Staff may also require somewhere to sleep and, as such, appropriate provision must be made. Safe storage facilities should also be provided for staff to keep their personal belongings in for the duration of the event.


Electrical Supply

You will be asked to confirm your power requirements on your booking form. All electrical equipment must be properly insulated and earthed. All electrical wiring, sockets and plugs, unless specially adapted, must be protected from the elements.

NB: This is a legal requirement for YOUR safety.  Petrol portable generators must not be used on site for safety reasons.

You MUST read the guidance on the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and you must have all your equipment checked by a NIC-EIC approved electrician before you arrive on site. You will be expected to have a current certificate for your equipment signed by a qualified electrician.

If you have not ordered an electrical supply by 14th May then it will not be possible to provide it on your stand. 

Our contractors are not permitted to connect your final supply without your presence on the stand.

If you have any issues on the day please call Customer Services on 01462 790 219.


Fire Safety

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to any workplaces on the site, which includes marquees, stages and stalls etc where people are employed to work.

Responsibility for complying with the Fire Safety Order rests with the ‘responsible person’ – the employer.

The ‘responsible person’ should carry out a fire risk assessment which must:

Focus on the safety of all relevant persons in the case of fire.

      Address those particularly at risk

      Address any dangerous substances on the premises

      Identify risks that can be removed or reduced

      Evaluate fire precautions to be put in place to control the risks.


If you employ 5 or more people, you must record the significant findings of the assessment.



Terms and Conditions of Exhibiting at Groundswell



1.1 You must return a signed copy of your Booking Form to confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions discussed within this document.

1.2 “Stallholder “or “Exhibitor” or “trader” or “concession” means any person or organisation allocated space at an event.

1.3 “Organiser” means the Groundswell Management Team.

1.4 All part payments must be paid on receipt of invoice.  Failure to do so could result in your pitch being reallocated at Groundswell.

1.5 All balances on pitch fees must be received by Groundswell before the Event.  If your balance is not received by this point then you will not be allowed on-site to trade.

1.6 It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to inform their staff/guests of the registration process.  Failure to do so may result in denied site access.

1.7 The Exhibitor Fee is as agreed in writing with the Groundswell Management.



2.1 The Exhibitor may withdraw from the Exhibition at any time by notifying the Company of its wish to withdraw in writing.  In addition, the Company may by written notice to the Exhibitor accept non-payment by the Exhibitor by the due date for payment of any instalment of the Fee as notice of the Exhibitor’s withdrawal from the Exhibition.  In the event of the Exhibitor’s withdrawal, a cancellation fee calculated in accordance with Condition 2.2, will become immediately payable by the Exhibitor to the Company.  

2.2 The cancellation fee shall be calculated as follows:

   Date of Withdrawal  

Percentage of the Fee Payable:  

3 months or less before the Exhibition

– 100%  

More than 3 months before the Exhibition

– 50%  





*less in each case any part of the Fee already paid by the Exhibitor to the Company.   

2.3 In the event of withdrawal the Company may resell or reallocate the Stand allocated to the Exhibitor.  Even if it does so, the Company will be under no obligation to reimburse or reduce any payment made or to be made by the Exhibitor under Condition 2.2.

2.4 For the purpose of this Condition 2, withdrawal will be deemed to take place on the date upon which notice of withdrawal is received by the Company or given by the Company in the case of non-payment by the Exhibitor of any instalment of the Fee. 



3.1 Whilst the Organiser has comprehensive public liability insurance cover, we require that all Exhibitors have current public and product liability insurance, with cover of at least £2,500,000.

3.2 The full cost of making good or replacing any damage caused by an Exhibitor or their employees, contractors or agents will be met by that Exhibitor.

3.3 It is the responsibility of each Exhibitor and their staff to ensure that their stand and/or demonstration plot is safe (e.g. machinery, electrical installations, stability of heavy equipment and articles, and other hazards).  The Organiser reserves the right to insist on the repositioning or removal of any item that is deemed to be unsafe.  Exhibitors are reminded of their responsibilities under Health and Safety Law.

3.4 Any Exhibitor demonstrating potentially hazardous skills or showing potentially hazardous goods must be able to demonstrate to the Organiser that a proper Risk Assessment has been carried out.

3.5 The Exhibitor will indemnify and keep indemnified the Organiser against all actions, proceedings, costs, claims and demands which may be brought or made against the Organiser in respect of personal injury and damage to property arising directly from the Exhibitor’s actions or omissions in connection with the event, except where caused by the Organiser’s negligence.



4.1 All stands must display a smart name board or banner, which must carry at least your business name, telephone number and/or address. This is a legal requirement.

4.2 Your stand must be at least of the standard of images provided during the application process.  All stands are required to be clean and presentable at all times.

4.3 The use of loudspeakers and PA equipment is prohibited. Sales by auction are prohibited.

4.4 Generators are strictly prohibited onsite.

4.5 Please help us by ensuring that your stand and the surrounding area are clean before you leave the event. 



5.1 No exhibitors may sell alcohol in any form, unless specifically stated by the Organiser.

5.2 All electrical equipment must have been tested for electrical safety by a competent person within the last 12 months and be clearly marked with a test result.  Exhibitors will not be permitted to use or connect any equipment that is either deemed unsuitable by the Organiser or does not carry a recent Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificate or sticker.

5.3 Exhibitors are reminded of their responsibilities under the Health & Safety Acts, Food Hygiene Regulations, Electricity at Work Regulations, and Trading Standards law.  It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor and their staff to ensure they comply with all statutory requirements regarding hygiene, safety, labelling, and weights and measures.



6.1 The allocation and position of space is entirely at the Organiser’s discretion.  No Exhibitor may carry out any activity or advertising outside the limit of their allocated space.

6.2 Exhibitors may not set up their stalls before the times specified earlier in this document unless special arrangements have been made with the Organiser.

6.3 Exhibitors must not remove their stalls by the times specified earlier in this document unless special arrangements have been made with the Organiser.  Any equipment remaining after the clearance times may be repositioned, removed, stored or destroyed by the Organiser or Venue, at the discretion of the Organiser or Venue, and at the expense of the Exhibitor.

6.4 Exhibitors must comply with the reasonable instructions of the Organiser, its employees or agents.