Weald to Waves: Creating Corridors for Recovery at Scale

Speaker's Corner

James Baird, Charlie Burrell and Libby Drew will hold an open discussion on one of the most ambition citizen-led nature recovery projects in the Southeast.
Weald to Waves is a proposed 100-mile-long nature recovery corridor across Sussex. Led by land managers and local communities, it takes in three major river systems and connects gardens and greenspaces with regenerative farms and estates. To do so, it will cross a myriad of roads, railways, and built-up areas to reconnect the fragmented landscape to a restored seascape.
The project involves a spectrum of communities coming together to document the state of nature and develop actionable land plans. These plans will be supported by ecologists and wildlife specialists from across Sussex to boost biodiversity, habitat connectivity, water quality and soil health. It also involves partnerships with water companies and infrastructure agencies, councils and civic action groups, universities and schools, charities, and businesses. For many, this is the first time they’ve worked together towards a shared goal.
Land-manager engagement and future food security is at the heart of the project. Come and hear how land managers are working together at an unprecedented scale to prepare for a new era of natural capital and nature recovery.