SIM’-ply Bio-Logical!

Soil and Sunshine

Imagine your soil as if it was a complex metropolis full of transport systems, waterways and people, all going about their daily business, each having its own small part to play in the city’s smooth operation; constantly utilising and replenishing its resources. Yes, there are the less savoury elements creating chaos and disruption, but a strong well-managed society will cope with most situations once the infrastructure is in place.

The city supports the people and the people support the city – ring any bells? Or put another way; there’s an earthquake in the city, buildings collapse, gas and water mains break, access by road becomes difficult so we end up in an environment no-one is happy to work in except – The bad guys! They come in, steal valuables and take full advantage of the situation. On top of that, injury and disease go unchecked. Paramedics are kept out of town by lawlessness and disruption. But; in a well-managed society, the army is called in to quell the uprising; utilities are stabilised, and the network sets about re-establishing itself and order is restored.


That might very well sound like a Hollywood movie but here in reality Biological Farming is all about being proactive – focusing on what you can actually affect. Last year we contended with a Beast from the East and a Dry from Dubai and the crops still grew! Many of you were only pleasantly disappointed on yields but you can always say when asked: “it wasn’t so good because…”

Our customers range from Nuffield Scholars who have farmed for generations, through to first time farmers with a small holding; whether it be arable on a massive scale or grassland in a paddock, the principles are the same; build on what you have and support the soil’s ecosystem. The more conducive a healthy atmosphere you create, the greater diversity can thrive and get on with what comes naturally.

Your soils need the tools to ride out adversity, starting with improving it’s structure by minimising tillage; potentially saving around £60/ha on a contractor. Now you’ve added structure to the city it’s time to populate it with beneficial, advantageous elements like Vitaplex V8 derived from vermicompost and jam packed with fungal feeding Humic acids and Fulvic compounds that aid bacterial growth.

These powerful carbon sources will hold moisture in the soil reducing drought stresses, stimulating soil microbiology, minimising nutrient leaching and promoting natural disease resistance. These basic benefits are key regardless of the growing crop and are the building blocks to soil improvement and biological farming.

At Soil Fertility Services, we blend our own product mixes in house giving us flexibility to tailor-make exactly what is required. We can add our beneficial micro-organisms that aid Nitrogen, fix Phosphate and Potassium, fight soil-borne diseases like Take all and Clubroot; some can also adjust rhizosphere pH if needed. So, we have built the city, given it utilities and populated it with useful inhabitants…

Steve Holloway, Soil Fertility Services