Join the Free Webinar – Grass, Soil, Hope

Grass. Soil, Hope

Join Courtney White, author of Grass, Soil, Hope and regenerative farmer Dorn Cox in a lively discussion about the importance of regenerative agriculture, and what has led to the growing popularity of no-till and other regenerative practices in the last few decades.

Courtney has spent several decades researching, writing, and advocating for the use of regenerative practices to combat climate change, in particular in the American West, where he lives. Dorn, who runs a 250 acre certified organic farm in New England, is also the founder of the FarmOS software platform and the Farm Hack community. They will discuss the significance of open source agricultural tools, software and data to help innovate and measure the environmental benefits from regenerative agriculture, and what they think are the best ways to help support regenerative farming efforts around the world– and to ultimately to put carbon back into the soil.

Dorn and Courtney are also co-authoring a book that will be published by Chelsea Green in 2021.

A recording of the webinar can be viewed on YouTube here.