Adele Jones

Adele Jones


Adele has been with the SFT since 2013, and now oversees the organisation’s strategic activities. In recent years, one of her major focuses has been the development of a project called the Global Farm Metric – an internationally common framework for measuring on-farm sustainability. She is currently an advisor to the Scottish Government. In 2020 she undertook a part time secondment with the Welsh Government, and in 2019 she completed a part-time secondment with DEFRA, both times working to develop metrics for monitoring the new UK farm support schemes.

Measuring on Farm Sustainability – Towards a Common Approach

Speaker's Corner

Consensus is building on the need to coalesce around a common set of metrics for measuring farm level sustainability. First and foremost, these metrics must be practical and meaningful for farmers, but also of value to the various stakeholders who could use the data to help drive change, including government, food businesses, the finance community, […]