Alex Brewster

Alex Brewster


Alex and his wife Jane have been nurturing the landscape at Rotmell Farm in the Tay Valley, Perthshire for many years and the farming methods which Alex is actively implementing are at the forefront of modern Regenerative Agriculture. Rotmell Farm is an upland beef and sheep farm surrounded by historic glens and towering Munros, home to 180 Aberdeen Angus breeding cows and a flock of 700 breeding ewes, made up of a composite breed designed for the rugged Scottish landscape.

Regenerative farming is at the core of the farm’s ethos, producing sustainable and nutritious produce whilst improving soil health and sequestering carbon. The farming team won Soil farmer of the year 2020 in recognition of their dedication to improving soil health and the production of nutritious foods. Alex also runs Powered Pasture and has recently launched the Torramor clothing range.

Integrating Animals into Arable Systems

Old Dairy Tent

A key principle of regenerative agriculture is the integration of animals into crop systems. Hear from both livestock and arable farmers about how their farming systems collaborate for their mutual benefit.


Mob Grazing Kit Demo

Stand A22 (PFL)

In this session mob grazier and equipment specialist Alex Brewster of Powered Pasture will share his top tips for selecting equipment to set up or scale up your mob grazing operation. He will be able to answer all your questions about kit, equipment and planning to ensure your grazing is as successful as possible. Ideal […]

Demonstration Drop-in Session