Alex Godfrey

Alex Godfrey


Alexander Godfrey has ten years of experience in investment banking (fixed income), a BSc in Economics and an MSc in Global Energy and Climate Policy, focusing on regenerative agriculture and climate finance, from SOAS University.
Alex consulted on a silvopasture enterprise in the Bolivian Amazon, stacking enterprise and engaging with indigenous people whilst developing an effective nature-based solution to mitigate climate change.
Alex has worked as an analyst in the UK’s agricultural space with a focus on natural capital and carbon markets.
Alex Co-founded New Foundation Farms, a disruptor enterprise in the agricultural space, establishing a large-scale regenerative farming group in the UK. He focused on natural capital and investor relations.
Alex is the Co-head of Natural Capital at Savills, focusing on investment in nature-based solutions, especially regenerative agriculture and carbon and biodiversity markets.

Farming Regeneratively & Profitably

Grass Tent

The primary driver of any farm business should be profit, right? This expert panel will offer a business masterclass in creating and running a profitable farm business featuring case studies of profit-focussed regenerative business models. It will cover top tips on managing the transition to agroecological farming and how different regenerative enterprise structures can be […]