Alex Macdonald-Smith

Alex Macdonald-Smith


Alex grew up on a neighbouring farm estate to the Wrangham’s and has always harboured a deep fondness and respect for nature and the British countryside. He started with Drone Ag in 2017, initially assisting Jack with administration tasks and the running of training courses. Over the years his responsibilities have grown along with his love for British farming and his interest in cutting edge technology. He is now Drone Ag’s COO, heading up the day-to-day operations of the company, managing customer relations and training, software development and testing, admin and more. He has helped to develop Skippy from the very beginning, and is currently working with the company’s development team to bring the next wave of useful features to life.

Farmers Who Know Drones

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Farmers who know drones, Drone Ag help to make farming more productive through practical hassle-free drone automation. A flight demonstration showing the latest developments of our drone-based crop scouting technology. Skippy Scout; an app that automates leaf-level crop data collection and analysis in real-time using drones and AI technology.