Alexandra Tomlinson

Alexandra Tomlinson


As a qualified veterinarian — specialising in wildlife health, disease, and conservation, and more recently self-educating in regenerative land management — Alex understands how regenerative principles and practices have the potential to improve food production systems in order to simultaneously enhance both animal and human health and welfare, and contribute to tackling some of the planet’s serious environmental issues. Alongside work as a regenerative farming consultant, Alex is a director of two organisations: Sankalpa and WilderCulture. Sankalpa supports activities that transform the way people interact with animals, the environment and each other; and WilderCulture promotes ecological restoration and food production from our British uplands.

What Can A Vet Offer The Regenerative Farmer?

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A vet’s oath is primarily to animal health. We believe regenerative principles and approaches offer fundamental solutions to significant animal health challenges. Integrated parasite management (IPM), incorporates some of these principles offering ‘wins’ for animal health, farm profitability, the environment and yes, even vet practices! The dung beetle has grown in prominence over the last […]