Amelia Magistrali

Amelia Magistrali


Amelia Magistrali is a Newcastle University research associate in farmer networks, covering a range of farmer-participatory research. She previously worked with a grain co-operative in Northumberland to develop supply chains for spelt, rye and buckwheat and currently works on projects focusing on farmer perspectives and experiences. As part of the SolACE project, Amelia coordinates with farmer networks in seven European countries participating in sustainable farming trials. She is also working with colleagues on developing a Regenerative Agriculture in the North network, through workshops and engagement with farmers to determine what challenges and opportunities exist for regenerative practices in northern England.

Regenerative Agriculture In Challenging Environments: Lessons From Farmers In Northern England

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In 2022 both Leeds and Newcastle University launched projects related to regenerative farming in the north of England. We wanted to learn more about how farmers in our region have adopted and adapted regen ag practices to cope with sometimes challenging environmental conditions. As a first phase of the projects, surveys and discussions with farmers […]