Andrea Parry-Jones

Andrea Parry-Jones


RBST Conservation Adviser, who originally joined as Farm Parks Officer. Studied Zoo Biology at Nottingham Trent University and Zoology at Bangor University. Across all breeds of native equines and livestock responsibilities encompass the Approved Farm Park Network and Associates, aiding in and conducting various research and promotional projects, delivery of conservation grazing courses and  consultation reports promoting the uses of rare and native breeds in habitat conservation and creation.

I have been involved in livestock and equines from a young age, having worked at multiple studs and farms across a variety of grazing systems alongside my own livestock. I run a conservation grazing and nature regeneration based system with pedigree herds of goats, sheep, ponies and pigs and have been involved in a range of nature restoration and habitat management projects across a diverse selection of habitats.

The Environmental & Financial Benefits Of Using Native livestock In Conservation Grazing

Yeo Valley Old Dairy Tent

The session will demonstrate the environmental and financial benefits of using native livestock and equines in conservation grazing. Our native breeds were bred to thrive in our landscapes. They created the habitats, the meadows and pastures that we need to manage better or restore, and so it is through their use that we are most […]