Andrew Bott

Andrew Bott

Andrew Bott has been farming since 1992, having spent 5 years as Troop leader of The Queens Royal Irish Hussars. He is a Partner at R H Bott & Son, Farmer Director of Camgrain, and Chairman of the Hertfordshire campaign for farmed environment.

Andrew farms 5 miles to the east of Stevenage, farming 270Ha of arable with 60Ha of permanent pasture, and contract farming 210Ha for his brother. Andrew has a mid-tier countryside stewardship agreement having come out of an HLS agreement. He has a woodland management plan to coppice his ancient woodlands to feed a biomass boiler.

Andrew has one employee and one 150hp tractor, and borrows a tractor when needed.

R H Bott & Son grow willing wheat, soft wheat, winter and spring barley, OSR, and spring oats, which have been all no tilled for the last 7 years, and have been growing cover crops since 2007. The farm has been soil mapped using variable rate seed maps and a Yara n sensor. Their 30 head suckler herd does not graze the cover crops yet.

Andrew lets cottages, industrial units and horse paddocks, and has an airstrip and a bicycle track.