Andrew Richards

Andrew Richards


Andrew Richards, is a senior agronomist with nearly 40 years’ experience. Andrew has a keen interest in soil health, and has been working with the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology for 5 years on the ASSIST project to help achieve a better understanding of soil biology to inform future agricultural and environmental policy and practice. As part of his Agrii work, Andrew was also one of the founding members of the Harper Adams Soil and Water Management Centre. This is an industry-led centre for soil and water management that delivers sustainable improvements in farming and ecosystem efficiency through better knowledge coordination, transfer and development.

Three Transition Tales (Practical Experiences of a Transition to Regenerative Agriculture)

Breakout Tent

How do I wean myself off the comfort blanket of cultivation? When will soil biology step up and help reduce my inputs? What’s the balance between long term husbandry and short-term profitability? Three farmers with different locations, soils and business sizes share their experiences of transitioning to regenerative agriculture. David White, George Fraser and Peter […]