Andrew Voysey

Andrew Voysey


Andrew is Head of Strategy and Business Development at Soil Capital, the technology-driven agronomy business with international experience designing and executing farm transition strategies to regenerate soil health while delivering superior profitability.

Over the last two years, Soil Capital has developed a unique decision-support and reward platform for regenerative transitions, called mySoilCapital. It enables farmers to monetise their carbon and compare their costs through the production of a certified report of a farm’s agronomic, economic and GHG performance. Andrew played a central role in developing mySoilCapital, including leading on the design of Europe’s first certified, multi-national carbon payment programme, launched by Soil Capital in September 2020.

Previously, Andrew spent a decade building and leading the sustainable finance team at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. He was also an Academic Visitor at the Bank of England, advising on climate change.

Carbon Payments Are Here!

Fungi Tent

Regenerative agriculture specialists, Soil Capital, have successfully launched Europe’s first certified, multi-national carbon payment programme for farmers. This session will share the details of how it works and the team’s plans to bring it to the UK in 2021.