Andrew Voysey

Andrew Voysey


Andrew is Head of Impact and Carbon at Soil Capital, the regenerative agronomy firm that launched Europe’s first certified, multinational carbon payment programme for farmers in 2020.

Andrew led the development of this programme, called Soil Capital Carbon, which has now enrolled more than 500 British, French and Belgian farmers. The programme has recently paid out nearly 1 million Euros to farmers for their first year’s performance, with two thirds of those payments coming from food and agri businesses within the supply chain.

Soil Capital began life as an independent agronomy firm specialised in helping farmers improve farm profitability through transitions to regenerative agriculture. This activity continues through a separate entity, Soil Capital Farming, now with a track record across more than 200,000 hectares and 21 countries.

Carbon Uncharted Waters

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Tom Heap chairs a diverse panel to discuss the uncharted waters of the carbon opportunities for farmers and landowners. Hear from a regenerative farmer how he’s selling his carbon alongside another who is holding off. There’s plenty of time for audience participation so bring all of your unanswered questions.