Andy Cato

Andy Cato


Andy Cato, Wildfarmed co-founder, is an award-winning mixed arable and livestock farmer. It was an article 15 years ago about modern food production’s environmental and health consequences, that inspired Andy, a Grammy-nominated musician, to sell his publishing rights to fund a farm in France. There he spent a decade trying to find a more restorative and sustainable way of growing food. He was awarded the 2020 Laureate Nationale for innovation in agroecology and the Chevalier de l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole. Now back on British soil and farming as a tenant of the National Trust, Andy and his Wildfarmed colleagues are on a mission to help farmers move towards soil-focused farming, and make real food grown in real soil available on the high street at affordable prices.

Intercropping – Practical Lessons

Old Dairy Tent

Intercropping (also known as bi-cropping, Polycropping, companion cropping) involves the growing of two or more crops together, driven by an understanding that plant diversity is the real driver of soil recovery and soil health. Intercropping has been shown to improve soil’s resilience to stresses, reduce the need for synthetic fertilisers and increase biodiversity. Yet it […]