Andy Wear

Andy Wear


Brought up on a sheep farm in the South West, Andy Wear, after seeing a blade shearer at work, knew that this was a skill he wanted to learn, but never imagined the experiences and achievements he would gain from performing one of the most fundamental aspects of sheep management.

A former contract machine shearer, Andy has always admired the craft of blade shearing, a skill still commonly used around the world. He first started machine shearing at the age of 15, and following his graduation from university, went overseas to shear in New Zealand.

The Art Of Blade Shearing With International Renowned Shearer Andy Wear

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Blade shearing is a more holistic form of shearing – with no mechanical heat or vibrations it is slower and less stressful for the sheep, with better quality wool being harvested. Extending the shearing season across 8 months of the year, welfare of the sheep brings added benefits. It is a subtle art form, blending […]