Anne Simonnet

Anne Simonnet


Sustainability expert with a Food Operation & Procurement background and over 20 years’ experience in the Hospitality industry, including Ikea and the Organic European leader Ecotone

Leading the Sustainability and Carbon Emissions reduction strategies for Compass One.

Studied at CISL and currently sitting on the Soil Association Exchange advisory Board, an initiative to help define Regenerative Agriculture and Sustainable Farming in the UK, and an active participant to GCAW (Global animal welfare program)

How Public Procurement Can Revolutionise Public Health & Farming

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Denmark set an ambitious public procurement goal of 30% organic in 2012, and it has seen a revolution in the food served in hospitals, schools and prisons, as well as in private companies with a five fold increase in organic food production over ten years and with over 90% publicly procured food served in Copenhagen […]