Anthony Mangnall MP

Anthony Mangnall MP


Anthony Mangnall is the MP for Totnes and South Devon. Elected in 2019, Anthony has been a strong advocate in Westminster on how to localise food supply, shorten supply chains and improve the procurement process. As a Member of the International Business and Trade Select Committee Anthony’s has worked on enhancing the scrutiny process on our international trade agreements, as well as supporting the Trade and Agriculture Commission and advocating for ELMs to be more specific about the need to encourage food production. At a local level Anthony has created a South Devon Hospitality and Tourism group that seeks to source local goods from sustainable producers as well as supporting the local economy. Anthony has written and spoken frequently about the benefits of localism, regenerative agriculture and the need to think and buy locally.

How Public Procurement Can Revolutionise Public Health & Farming

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Denmark set an ambitious public procurement goal of 30% organic in 2012, and it has seen a revolution in the food served in hospitals, schools and prisons, as well as in private companies with a five fold increase in organic food production over ten years and with over 90% publicly procured food served in Copenhagen […]