Arizona Muse

Arizona Muse


Arizona Muse was inspired by her experience as a model to explore the lifecycle of clothing, and embarked on an eye-opening journey to educate herself about the truth of how things are actually made. She founded ‘DIRT’, an independent charity dedicated to regenerating soil and promoting biodynamic agriculture for fashion. Muse also helps brands to lower their environmental impact. It is her life’s mission to raise awareness about solutions to the climate emergency.

Leather From British Pastures: Can we Create Material Supply Chains That Regenerate Land?

Discussion Tent

Design and fashion industries are declaring a rapidly growing desire for materials with regenerative origins and positive impacts – but what are the realities of creating new supply networks that can support farmers while meeting this demand? This interactive discussion will be facilitated by British Pasture Leather (producing leather from Pasture for Life certified farms) amongst […]