Ashia Trevor-Massey

Ashia Trevor-Massey


Ashia is a third-year university student studying regenerative agriculture at Writtle University College. She first developed an interest in farming and the food system when working for Hodmedod’s bean store and also as an intern for Weston Park Farms. She has a particular interest in human nutrition and food culture including the ways in which societies can be reconnected with the provenance of their food and the landscape on which they live. She enjoys highlighting the pioneering and inspiring work being done to develop the agricultural industry and is thinking about a career in freelance journalism to support this passion.

How do we Educate to Discover the Future of Food & Farming

Breakout Tent

William Hudson. Countryman, lecturer at Writtle University College. Looking for a sustainable future. Henry Mathews. Senior Regenerative Agriculture Lecturer at Writtle University College. Ashia Trevor-Massey. Student at Writtle University College. Third Year Regenerative Farming Degree Course. A conversation between a senior lecturer, a student and a farmer about how education can play a part in […]