Babs Behan

Babs Behan


Babs Behan is the founder of Botanical Inks natural dye house and the Bristol Cloth project.
Babs is a biophillic artist and natural dye specialist, working in an intuitive way to connect with plants, extract pigments and create art and textiles which are of the earth and safe to return to the soil as nutrients rather than pollutants at the end of their “useful” life cycle.

British Plant Dyes – Diverse Scales & Approaches

Breakout Tent

Following on from last year’s panel this discussion will explore diverse approaches to the continued exciting development of British grown plant dyes. We will present three projects at varying scales from foraging to micro enterprise and farm scale production. Babs Behan from Botanical Inks will share findings from a recent project for South-West England Fibreshed […]