Beki Gilbert

Beki Gilbert


Beki Gilbert is Account Executive at The Natural Fibre Company in Cornwall. She is passionate about helping customers in the UK and worldwide transform their raw fleece into beautiful, high quality yarn. The Natural Fibre Company is a British wool spinner with expertise in handling Wool, Alpaca, Mohair, Rare and Specialised varieties of fleece. They offer Organically Certified Processing, Scouring, Carding, Woollen and Worsted Spinning and Finishing, all under one roof. They also work with a range of alternative and recycled materials in their inhouse testing facility, supporting the circular economy.

Where there’s a Mill, there’s a Way.

How Farmers Can Work With Mills To Leverage Value From Fibre

Breakout Tent

Shepherdess, designer and machine knitter Katie Allen (Loopy Ewes) hosts a fireside discussion with Beki Gilbert (Natural Fibre Company) and Juliet Bailey (Bristol Weaving Mill), two key processing facilities for natural fibre in the country. In what will also be an inaugural conversation to feature in her upcoming podcast on farming and fibre, Katie will […]