Belinda Clarke

Belinda Clarke


Belinda is driven by the belief that innovation is a vital driver for agricultural productivity, environmental sustainability and economic growth. Starting her career in research, she then developed experience at the interface between industry, innovation and government, and became determined to bring farmers, researchers and technology developers closer together to improve the efficiency of communication and understanding between them, and to accelerate the adoption of new innovations on farms. Over the last 8 years she has led the development and creation of the award-winning membership network which is Agri-TechE

Innovation Insights At Groundswell 2022

Speaker's Corner

Do you want a quick overview of the latest, exciting agri-tech that is emerging in the UK? Agri-TechE has challenged its members – farmers, technologists, researchers – to summarise their new products, services or research interests in a series of 2-minute lightning presentations. This session is an opportunity for Groundswell attendees to get a taste […]